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Announcing The First Enhanced Association of Medical Tourism in Bahrain – 1/9/2018

Announcing The First Enhanced Association of Medical Tourism in Bahrain – 1/9/2018

Fatima Ali wrote:

A number of businessmen and doctors with private medical centers are preparing to announce the first private association for private medicine and protect the rights of shareholders and investors. The founding members said they met recently with Labor Minister Jamil Humaidan, who directed the ministry to speed up the procedures.

Gulf News has met with Dr. Galal Kamal, Dr. Hanan Al-Maarafi and Dr. Hussein Al-Meer, who are founding members of the Association. They have confirmed that this association is synonymous with the Association of Private Hospital Owners, but it focuses on clinics and medical centers and is not synonymous with the Association of Physicians The Association of owners of private health institutions includes businessmen and doctors who have centers and are interested in private medicine matters from commercial matters, legislation and systems that vary from period to period regarding the licenses of these institutions, renewal and development, attention to quality etc. Matt provided by it to individuals, as is the case with the Pharmacists Association, a professional association and the Association of owners of pharmacies, a different association.
The founding members of the Association of Owners of Private Health Institutions (under establishment) of doctors and businessmen interested in the private health sector that a delegation of them met with Minister Al-Humaidan, who expressed his cooperation and enthusiasm for the idea of ​​founding the association, pointing out that their association will be announced soon will focus most of (health and medical tourism ) And the need for the health and medical institutions to which it belongs to the highest standards of quality through the quality of services and medical accreditation of health institutions.
Dr. Hussain Al-Mir said that the conditions for membership in the association are very different. The applicant does not have to be a doctor or a Bahraini. Membership is open to any medical institution, whether it is a doctor or a businessman because it is not a professional association

The founding doctors of the association said: “We in Bahrain have the most important elements of expertise from the medical competencies in various health fields, strategic location and hospitable people, as well as our most important nerve, namely the system of health professions and the entry of medical accreditation to medical institutions, which started in hospitals, And clinics .. So today, the quality of health services should be the first major element of attraction to contribute to raising the economy of the Kingdom ».


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